DJ Finger became the one & only exclusive DJ in Poland for 50 Cent, when he arrived for promo event. Live on stage he showed his skills in Singapore with two-time world champ beatboxer Dharni & vocalist K- Leah. Combining rock riffs & raw hiphop energy as FAMOUS DRUMS & CUTS project with drummer Johnny Eightball.

One of very few DJ's that mix videos (over 15 000 in the collection) live in the their performances during events as DVJ FINGER!

His residency in one of the best clubs in the country speaks for itself - DeLite Club (Warsaw), The View, Panorama Sky Bar, Sketch Nite, Room13, Balet (Białystok), Cream (Lublin), Choice Club (Kraków), Gossip, Czekolada (Łódź), Libation (Sopot), Next (Toruń) and countless guest DJ sets all over the nation. Behind the turntables he visited France, Sweden, Switzerland and ... even scratched dope tracks during his surf trip to Marocco. 

Co-founder of OLDSCHOOLERS CREW, creator of events, breakin' battles, that pay respect to the pioneers & true roots of Hip Hop culture and GHETTOBLASTER series exploring electronic music. Supported polish hip-hop scene with the first league rap acts O.S.T.R., CNE, Eldo, Ten Typ Mes, Łona, Hi-Fi Banda but also european specialists Soul Sonic & CEO Muller (Rap History Zurich), DJ Kamel (France) and many, many more.

Playing in over 1000 club parties and rap concerts with W.E.N.A. in the biggest festivals in Poland.

Contests :
SPINLAB JAM - 2nd place
SPINLAB Skrecz Contest - 3rd place

Unique connection of timeless rock riffs and raw hip- hop beats!
Recognize the two music heads from two different worlds – DJ FINGER is the virtuoso behind the turntables and JOHNNY EIGHTBALL ripping it up on the drums.

There are tons of classics in their powerful sets – from AC/DC, Guns’N’Roses, Limp Bizkit, Red Hot Chili Peppers through Gang Starr, DMX, Jay-Z, Public Enemy, Run DMC & Wu-Tang Clan.

It is impossible to just stand around during their sets, feet are moving to the rhythm of the kick and hands reach for the sky during those priceless moments.

Watch them live with hip-hop veteran that started his music journey in 90's - JANO Z OMP.




Over 30 appearances on rap albums & club mixtapes.

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